Sunday, February 20, 2011

Axel and Cam Return - Snippet

In an ally on the other side of the tower. Axelpyre Cogswaddle stood in the same place he had attempted, without proper training and skill, to teleport to the top of the mage tower in Stormwind over two decades earlier. Now such spells were almost second nature to him, he tried to hold in his mind the errors he'd made. His fingers ducked behind the edge of his Argent Crusade tabard, absently feeling the hidden livery of the Silver Hand sewn into its back. His own faith had changed in half a century, but not in that new ideas supplanted the old, they all added together to form a rather individualistic, and somewhat pragmatic belief system.

Axelpyre prayed. “Every life that supports the light is a light's champion, let the Great Wheel turn to bring Cam home safe and sound.”

And without further hesitation he cast the portal, focused on the young Gnome that had helped him paint seeds and bugs many long years ago, saying the formula incorrectly. Knowing full well that stepping into the portal might doom him to return to whence he'd come. Axelpyre sighed and walked through. His mind wandered as the misshaped portal swallowed him up. The last time he'd been in this ally Gimbol had kissed him. He still tasted her on his lips even though that all happened what seemed like a lifetime ago. Going back might just have its rewards.

Two gnomes tumbled out of the air high in the target room of the Academy Tower, causing the late night students to raise their eyes from their studies and groan about drunks teleporting. The old Gnome laughed and hugged the young Gnome.

“Let's see if this is our Stormwind,” The old Gnome stumbled, he looked too short for his robes.

Camfollower turned to his Uncle, offering an arm to prop him up. “Your hair is completely white, what's left of it.”

“Yes, yes it is. A few more adventures like this and I'm sure it will be all gone. Let's go find out where we are.”

“Definitely drunk,” the students thought and turned back to their books.

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