Saturday, May 22, 2010

Introduction to The Wood Frog

Grommet Cogswaddle made her way down from the attic over the curio shop, across the park-like lawn at the base of the Mage's Tower and up to the mailbox outside the Blue Recluse. The small Gnome pulled a chair over to the magical appliance and climbed up even with it's delivery orifice. Anyone watching would notice a certain apprehension, a hesitation as she allowed the spell to identify her before pulling open the hatch.

There was a single package, a brownish stain, now dry, had once been wet enough to wrinkle the wrapping paper at one corner. Grommet sighed. She quickly transferred the wildly off balanced package into her pack. She didn't even have to look at the mailing information to know it was from her mother. Grommet would wait until nightfall to make the trip to the Elwynn Forest cemetary. There she would open the package while hidden in the bushes next to the charnel pit. This made for easy disposal of the little "extras" her mother couldn't be bothered to remove from the boots and gloves she sent for Grommet to practice her enchanting skills on.

Beneath the package was a pair of letters. One popped open, an announcement, really, a fishing gathering, in Southshore. Grommet loved to fish, a few more pieces of driftwood, tangled line and tattered cloth and she would have enough materials to make a lawn chair. She sighed, wondering if she even knew where her fishing pole was these days. "I bet Southshore is lovely this time of year. Murlocs on one shore, Naga on the other, Syndicate on the side road and Undead on the main road."

Three human students of the arcane arts slowed as they entered the Blue Recluse, unsure if the Gnome was speaking to them. Grommet looked up at them and handed them the flyer. It was then she saw the scratchy thin handwriting on the back. "Meet me west of the docks."

The three thanked her and walked into the tavern. Grommet wanted to grab the flyer back, then resolved to just hope they didn't turn the thing over and think... she blushed.

"Oh, rust," She grabbed the last letter in the box, a thick packet of wrapped pages with the single word "Cogswaddle" printed in the same scratchy hand as the line on the back of the flier. Grommet ran into the tavern after the students. "Hey! Ignore that message on the back, that was a note for me!"

The three students laughed, and pointed. They had pinned the flier up on the shelf at the entrance to the tavern for others to see. It was obvious that they hadn't even looked at the back of the attractively printed flier. Grommet would have had to jump, or move furniture to get the flier. Since she was all ready blushing, Grommet decided to make a hasty retreat back to her attic room where she could read her mail in peace.

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